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I only wish that Todd would take the time to craft a good sounding record.

If you look at the arc of Todd's career, you see well produced sharp albums in the beginning to slowly deteriorating sound at the end.

A document of our times, and a look into the mind of one of the sharpest observers of humans out there.

The only real clunker here is "Digger Dave's Crazy Woman Blues, which is too long and a little too contrived.

Todd's timing and his vocal delivery remain unique as always.

Wale) Genre: Plays:Likes: 1 Feb 04 Wale (Feat.

Wale) Genre: Plays:Likes: 5 Nov 14 Shyst Red (Feat.

They are typically slow-to-mid tempo, low-tuned, and bass-heavy, incorporating elements of psychedelic rock, blues-rock and doom metal into a more repetitive and riff-centred style.

It is frustrating sometimes to have records that just don't sound good, and I've found that it takes a few plays and they grow on you.

Todd is an artist that needs to be heard, and it's kind of hard to hear him on some of these tracks.

Troy Ave & Magazeen) Genre: Plays:Likes: 6 Jan 22 Lorde (Feat.

The first track, "In the Beginning" is worth the price of the CD alone, as it sharply brings to light the problems with the Prosperity Gospel.

Wale) Download Play Playlist Like Song Music by Wale -total Feb 09 Magazeen (Feat.

Other common traits include melodic vocals and retro production.

Rick Ross, Fat Trel & Young Thug) Genre: Plays:Likes: 6 Jan 30 Wale (Feat.

It's not a crime to mic the drums well, or to take some time to mix things a little clearer.

This is better than the excitement plan, and the lyrics are what really save this.

Stoner Download

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